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Christmas in NH


Another Christmas!  This one is a small celebration with just my Mommy and Daddy and Theo.  We leave the next day for Florida so we're celebrating a little early.   My cheeks have been red and my gums are getting white so I may spring a tooth soon.  


XNHjustthetree.jpg (64927 bytes) XNHjusthervertical.jpg (61892 bytes)
Our first family Christmas tree!  Thanks for the lovely Christmas dress Grandma Winters
XNHjusther.jpg (50621 bytes) XNHwithtree.jpg (52584 bytes)
XNHwiththeo.jpg (49448 bytes) XNHgettinggift1.jpg (53878 bytes)
Theo farted. Watch my face:  Before gift
XNHgettinggift2.jpg (56064 bytes) XNHcrawling.jpg (41750 bytes)
After gift. 

Thanks for the gift Miss Ann (from daycare)

Crawling in action
XNHwithwalker.jpg (30990 bytes) XNHwithwalker2.jpg (37914 bytes)
Look out!   Here I come.  Vroommm. Beep Beep.


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