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Weeks 2 to 4

My first 2 days of life My first week at home Weeks 2 to 4 Weeks 5 to 16


These pictures catch the tail end of Grandma Winters and Great Grandma Hefners visit and the beginning of Grandma Salvucci's visit.   Thanks for the cleaning and ironing Grandma Salvucci!

In these pictures Sarah is between 2 and 4 weeks old.  She is still sleeping much of the time (which is still fine with us) but does have awake periods of several hours or so once or twice a day.  The only time she cries is when she is hungry.  She can have a loaded diaper that weighs 27 lbs. and it doesn't bother her.  Too hot, too cold, too many covers, not enough covers, nothing.  A little feeling of hunger, however, and the tears flow like a river.


X4Generations.jpg (17947 bytes)

4 Generations



Family.jpg (20122 bytes)

The Salvucci Family



Grandma Salvucci's Visit
GSalvucci2.jpg (46050 bytes) Gsalvucci1.jpg (41632 bytes) GSalvuccisleeping.jpg (47038 bytes)

Looking at Grandma

Nice hat

Sleepy and Sleepier



Mommy and Daddy's Turn
Mommynsarah.jpg (24761 bytes) Daddywsarah.jpg (31155 bytes)



Finally some time alone
Salert.jpg (17126 bytes)
Ssleepingarmsup.jpg (17319 bytes)
I've just loaded my diaper!
Srabbitears.jpg (18665 bytes)

Sarahalert2.jpg (13853 bytes)

Too much  chocolate!


My first 2 days of life My first week at home Weeks 2 to 4 Weeks 5 to 16

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