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5 - 6 Months

5 - 6 Months 7 Months Pumpkin Festival

I can sit up now!  I can sit up now!  I'm a big girl.  I can sit in my fun red and black circle and play with my toys for hours.   Mommy and Daddy say they are thankful they don't have to hold me all the time now, so every once in a while I need to shed a few tears and put on my sad face so they'll come running with open arms.   I'm eating big girl foods now too.  I started eating green beans and carrots.  Then I got sweeter things like bananas and apple sauce.  I love to hold the spoon and help direct it in my mouth.  I look forward to Grandma and Grandpa Leavers visit.  They are coming in a few weeks.  Well, I'm getting sleepy so I'm going to go for now.   Bye Bye.


6gettingfed2.jpg (43888 bytes) 6gettingfed.jpg (42626 bytes)
6highchair.jpg (37249 bytes) 6highchairclose.jpg (38740 bytes)
Eating in action.  I start clean, then end up in the bathtub
6inchair.jpg (35073 bytes) 6inchair2.jpg (42452 bytes)
I'm in a big person chair I can't believe I'll grow into this one day
6inchairpillows.jpg (37754 bytes) 6inrocker.jpg (42255 bytes)
Damn I'm comfortable May I have more tea and crumpets?
6inrocker2.jpg (41823 bytes) 6momchktochk.jpg (43778 bytes)
I don't feel like talking to anyone right now What a cool hat
6layingincircle.jpg (48303 bytes) 6sleepincircle.jpg (51835 bytes)
I can lay on my stomach my back
6sittingincircle2.jpg (47119 bytes) 6intub.jpg (23008 bytes)
and sit up Hey, why is this picture posted?
6robinchair.jpg (44793 bytes) 6withdadstanding.jpg (27735 bytes)
Daddy can sit and stand
6stroller.jpg (66819 bytes) 6sleeping.jpg (22713 bytes)
Someone is making funny faces at me It's been a long month.  Time to rest.


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