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7 Months

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Yeah, I finally got to meet Grandma and Grandpa Leaver!  I'm glad they came because I had fun.  We stayed in a big beautiful yellow house near the coast of New Hampshire called Three Chimneys Inn.  Mommy and Daddy had their two year anniversary the weekend we stayed there so it is now a special place for them.  They think they'll go back next year for their anniversary.  I'll be able to walk by then.   I hope you enjoy the pictures.  I need to go because mommy is opening a jar of sweet potatoes - uummm my favorite. 

Here is a link to the bed and breakfast:   Three Chimneys Inn


7asleepinstroller.jpg (52032 bytes) 7instroller.jpg (45508 bytes)
My head is gigantical I love my new coat
7leaverfamily.jpg (60963 bytes) 7infrontofknight.jpg (52881 bytes)
The Leavers Mom with her knight in shining armor
7momonbed.jpg (32715 bytes) 7momonbed2.jpg (32788 bytes)
This reminds me of 7 months ago I like eating my hands
7leaversatdusk.jpg (42291 bytes) 7mombytrees.jpg (53626 bytes)
The Leavers in Portsmouth, NH Do you like my hat?
7mombywater.jpg (45173 bytes) 7robinrestaurant.jpg (39849 bytes)
Who wants to canoe with me? Waiting for shrimp in a Portsmouth restaurant
7usbywater.jpg (59022 bytes) 7usbywater2.jpg (50566 bytes)
Aren't these nice.  Happy Anniversary!


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