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13 to 15 Months


New Home Pics Happy Birthday! 13 to 15 Months

Now that I'm over 1, I'm becoming a toddler now and am no longer a baby.  I walk everywhere and grab everything in sight.  I have a mouth full of teeth.  I can say some words like DU (dog) and yus (juice).  If you ask nicely, I will point to my nose, ears and mouth.   I can eat lots of things like pop-tarts, cheese slices, brocolli, pizza, toast and my favorite, spaghetti.  I can go upstairs in a flash, but have a little trouble getting back down.  I hope you enjoy the pictures! 


redhat.jpg (24958 bytes) redhat2.jpg (26898 bytes)
Sarahoutfit.jpg (33805 bytes) headinbox.jpg (45845 bytes)
Lightweight champion of the world...Sarah Salvucci What's in the box?
earsoncouch.jpg (26948 bytes) hat.jpg (34294 bytes)
The ol' hat with the bunny ears pose.  Must be Easter time. Now this is my type of Easter hat.  Tea and Crumpets anyone?
indians2.jpg (27238 bytes) Denise.jpg (37200 bytes)
The Red Sox are stinky.   Go Indian guy! Mommy's friend Denise with her daughter Jane.  It was nice seeing you.
Mombday.jpg (53260 bytes) Standingup2.jpg (32910 bytes)
Happy Birthday Grandma Salvucci! Ta da!
Closeup.jpg (25516 bytes) spaghetti2.jpg (41349 bytes)
The daughter of Frankenstein pose I love pasgedi
bathduck2.jpg (37215 bytes) bathmouthopen.jpg (39506 bytes)
Ha ha.   Me and ducky are squeaky clean.


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