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Happy Birthday!


New Home Pics Happy Birthday! 13 to 15 Months

I'm 1.  I'm 1.  I can't believe it.  My first Birthday!  I'm growing up fast. 

For my first Birthday, Mommy and Daddy took me back to Ohio to visit the families.   A big party was planned in Dayton for me by Grandma and Grandpa Leaver, but a very big snowfall kept most people away.   I still had fun though, and got to see almost everyone else over the next few days.  Thanks for making the trip down Grandma Salvucci, Aunt Diane and cousins Chelsea and DJ - it was a long trip on a snowy day and it made me very happy that you were there.

I want to thank everyone for the fun toys and all the cake and ice cream.  I got to celebrate my first Birthday 3 different times.  Does that mean I'm 3 now?


XwithTerri.jpg (42574 bytes) XwithTerri2.jpg (38768 bytes)
I'm playing with Grandma Leaver I love my Grandma Leaver
XwithDadLeaver.jpg (44924 bytes) XfacetofaceCL.jpg (35402 bytes)
Everyone is watching 6 Days 7 Nights with Harrison Ford.  I'm watching the large shiny wheel spin around. I love my Grandpa Leaver
XLeavers.jpg (34449 bytes) XBdayparty.jpg (43316 bytes)
he he ha...I'm in heaven Gift Time!
Binhighchair.jpg (32153 bytes) XBdaycake.jpg (40404 bytes)
It's almost cake time Cake Time!
Xhello.jpg (40078 bytes) XBchelandDJ.jpg (33657 bytes)
Hello? (the little blue phone) What's up, cous?
Xsis.jpg (40799 bytes) Bdaywithbow.jpg (43529 bytes)
Daddy says this is payback for all the embarassing photos you've taken of him over the years.  The token bow on the head picture.  Very funny.
XgiftwithShirley.jpg (40051 bytes) Ccake.jpg (50903 bytes)
Thanks Grandma Winters Cake Time again!
Cbdaycake.jpg (54706 bytes) Ccakewchelanddj.jpg (63367 bytes)
Cbeenie.jpg (50925 bytes) Cwithchelsea.jpg (45433 bytes)
Beanie Babies - Daddy's college funding plan With a great big hug and a kiss from me to you...
Cus.jpg (66680 bytes) Cpushingcar.jpg (29356 bytes)
Conhorse.jpg (36076 bytes) Condj.jpg (51807 bytes)
Go horsey, go Go horsey, go


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