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New Home Pics


New Home Pics Happy Birthday! 13 to 15 Months

You won't find pictures of Sarah in this section, but you will get to see the newest addition to the family...our new home.  It is because of Sarah's arrival that we needed growing room, so now we have it.  There aren't pictures on the walls yet, and some of the carpeting and wall paper needs to go, and we still have unpacked boxes, and the deck needs staining, and we need to buy lots of furniture...oh hell, moving is a bitch isn't it.  Despite all that, we couldn't be happier. 

These pictures were taken before we moved in so the furniture you see is unfortunately not ours.  Although the lot is very wooded and private, the house is in a regular neighborhood with quick access to many major highways.  A small local grocery store, a hardware store, and a Dunkin Donuts are about a half mile away.  In New England, Dunkin Donuts are more common than McDonalds.

The house is a strange looking ranch - with a slightly raised family room over the garage.   It has 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, and a partial un-finished basement.   The best feature for someone that doesn't like to mow the lawn...the entire front yard is mulch. 



Hfrontleft.jpg (70274 bytes) Hhousefrontcenter.jpg (58860 bytes) Hshack.jpg (80298 bytes)
The entire front of the the tool shed.
Hfrontfromside.jpg (69679 bytes) HBackofhouse.jpg (70969 bytes)
A view from the driveway. The back.  The upper left is the sun room, the door leads to the basement, and the balcony is off the master bedroom.
Hoffdeck2.jpg (70755 bytes) Hoffdeck.jpg (63106 bytes)
The fenced in area off the deck is the only place with grass.  If you look closely, you can see the neighbors house. Another view off the deck looking straight back.
HPorch.jpg (58442 bytes) Hfamilyroom.jpg (34281 bytes)
The sunroom - our favorite room - overlooks the back yard.  Here is the living room, although we plan on using this as our family room.
Hbedroom.jpg (32917 bytes) Hbathroom.jpg (36825 bytes)
The master bedroom was added to the house 9 years ago.  (The house is 20 years old).  The master bath - our second favorite room  because of the jacuzzi tub - used to be a bedroom.


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