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Halloween Christmas Christmas in NH Florida Trip Friends

I love Christmas!  Will we celebrate it 3 times every year?  Here you'll see me celebrate Christmas with everyone in Cincinnati then Canton.  Grandma Winters had a party at her place and lots of people came.  Then Aunt Diane had us over at her place and we had fun.  I even met Santa Clause!  His breath was kinda smelly.

I can sit up now and crawl a little bit, but only backwards.  I've been eating baby food from a jar for a few weeks now.  So far I like everything I've tried, especially bananas.  I'm not talking yet, and I still don't have any teeth or hair.  Just the same old lovely me, getting bigger and smarter every day. 


XCopeninggiftsmom.jpg (49524 bytes) XCbowonhead.jpg (41314 bytes)
I love my soft bear and eating wrapping paper. So how much nose spray should an 8 month old use?
XCjohnnylookson.jpg (46764 bytes) XCwithTodd.jpg (50453 bytes)
John is laughing at the Strawberry hat   Grandma Winters knitted for me.  It has a green stem on top.  Why does Grandma Winters look upset?   (because Uncle Todd can hold me and I don't cry)
XCwithgirls.jpg (57195 bytes) XDopeninggiftsmom.jpg (60263 bytes)
Why does Grandma Winters look more upset? Opening gifts in Canton.  I love V-Tech toys - especially this one.
XDwithballsonfloor.jpg (49515 bytes) XDsarahwithhat.jpg (52480 bytes)
Allright, another V-Tech toy! Can you find me?
XDwithkids.jpg (53779 bytes) XDsalvuccis.jpg (52763 bytes)
Aunt Diane made my cousins and I wear these goofy hats. Daddy sure looks tall in this one.
XDrobwithantlers.jpg (42739 bytes) XDallofus.jpg (52351 bytes)
Daddy with his "deer" Sarah (pretty cheeseball, I know) Daddy with his dear wife and lovely daughter, me.
XDwithsantainmall.jpg (81733 bytes)


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