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Florida Trip


Halloween Christmas Christmas in NH Florida Trip Friends

I took a trip to Florida to visit Great Grandma and Grandpa Leaver.   Most of the Leaver family was there and we had a great time.  I enjoyed meeting all of you!  Thanks for all the hugs and smiles!  Thanks Great Grandma and Grandpa for having us down. 

It was my first time in a plane and I flirted with the guy next to me the whole time.  Dad mumbled something about being 18 but I didn't make it out.   I have a tooth!  2 to be exact.  Still not much hair but it's coming.   I'm getting better at crawling now.  I can go forwards but I drag one leg behind me.  I'll figure it out soon.  I love to play with paper.  Give me an old catalog and I'll be happy for hours. 



Fsarahoncouch.jpg (38379 bytes) Featingmagnets.jpg (41500 bytes)
Can you believe my feet will touch the floor someday? This magnet toy was my favorite.
Fmomdrinking.jpg (38552 bytes) Fmomwithjammies.jpg (46089 bytes)
Here's mommy getting loaded.  My funny Great Great Uncle Roger wanted to get her drunk. Thanks Diane for the My First Christmas jammies.  Isn't it cute?
Foffbalcony.jpg (53743 bytes) Fthebeach.jpg (43492 bytes)
Here is the view from our balcony in Clearwater. Here is Clearwater beach. 
Fgroupbytree.jpg (70131 bytes) Fusonbeach.jpg (39659 bytes)
Kitty Kitty!  Say Kitty Kitty! It's not a tan.   We're in the shade.  Mommy bought sunblock 4,000 so we're still New Hampshire white.
Fthemen.jpg (46240 bytes) Fthewomen.jpg (74803 bytes)
The Leaver men.   Looks like Grandpa Leaver is the only one that heard the photographer say "pose funny".  Too bad. The Leaver women.   Aren't they beautiful?


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