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Week 5

Week 5 Weeks 6 to 9 Weeks 10 to 16


Great Grandma Merle is back in Ohio, daddy is back to work, and mommy and I  are back to feeding, sleeping, playing, and watching reruns of the antique auction.  I'm doing very well, crying a little more than before and staying awake much longer.  I don't yet recognize things or respond to my name but I will, just give me more time.  I took my first trip out of state - visiting the home of George Bush in Kennebunkport, Maine.


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Aren't I cute? I love Elmo

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Enough already.  Lets go I'm looking at my hand
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3 Generations My first trip out of state, Kennebunkport Maine
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Walkers Point.  Home of President Bush

Week 5 Weeks 6 to 9 Weeks 10 to 16

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