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Weeks 6 to 9

Week 5 Weeks 6 to 9 Weeks 10 to 16


Hi everyone.  I'm doing fine.  I'm not doing anything new yet, although Mommy and Daddy are waiting for that.  I'm getting a little bigger and I'm not as sleepy as before.  Mommy is still home with me and she takes great care of me.  More people came to visit me.  Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Leaver stopped by one evening during their drive across America to hold me.   Then Grandpa Salvucci traveled thousands of miles to see me.  We drove along the coast, went into Boston for a day, and paid another visit to the home of George Bush in Kennebunkport.  I've been there before but Grandpa Salvucci wanted to see it.  We had fun! 


5grandleaver.jpg (23281 bytes) 5dadholding.jpg (31839 bytes)
I'm enjoying my time with Great Grandma and Grandpa Leaver, although I'm not very comfortable This is the first time I'm being held by Grandpa Salvucci.  I think my head is going to roll off any minute
5beachdad.jpg (27319 bytes) 5Atbeach.jpg (26805 bytes)
I'm told this is a 3 generations picture at Wells beach, ME.  Whatever that means. Just me with mommy and daddy.  I may look warm but I was freezing my little patutty out there
5dadbattleship.jpg (35870 bytes) 5constitution.jpg (55036 bytes)
Here we are in front of a battleship although all I can see is mommy's chest Here is the USS Constitution.  It is almost as old as daddy.  You can see me if you look close enough
5harvard.jpg (51840 bytes) 5robsleeping.jpg (39630 bytes)
This is the statue of Mr. John Harvard on the campus of Harvard University.  Mommy and daddy are babbling about me going here one day but all I care about is getting my diaper changed.  I just ate out of a bottle for the first time and daddy fed me.  Who do you think is more tired?
5bluewhat.jpg (32479 bytes) 5oncouchyellow.jpg (35804 bytes)
Quiet, I'm trying to attract sailors Aren't I pretty?
5SarahCouch.jpg (21998 bytes) 5yellow2.jpg (29368 bytes)
I look a little weird in this one but I'm still cute What is with this hat.  I look like the Morton Salt girl
5yellow.jpg (26827 bytes) 5blueincarseat.jpg (44952 bytes)
Look, I'm grasping my rattle!  Okay, enough with the hats already I'm ready.  Let's go


Week 5 Weeks 6 to 9 Weeks 10 to 16

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