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Weeks 10 to 16

Week 5 Weeks 6 to 9 Weeks 10 to 16

I'm getting bigger now.  I can hold my head up really well.  I can grab objects and put them in my mouth.  I love putting things in my mouth.  Mmmmm, everything tastes really good - except the dog hair. 

More visitors came out to see me.  Kelly and Brad from Minnesota stopped by one night (they are friends of mommy) and Stephanie and Ken visited from St.Louis for 4th of July weekend (also friends of mommy).  Daddy says his friends are too cheap to visit. 

Aunt Diane, Uncle Rob, and my cousins Chelsea and DJ came out for my baptism.  I'm not sure what baptism means, but some strange guy in a robe poured water on my head and rubbed oils on my chest.  I enjoyed spending time with my God Parents.  Thanks for coming out and visiting me!


11hatonbed.jpg (26618 bytes) 11roboncouch.jpg (36467 bytes)
Hey mommy, this hat may fit me when I'm 12 Here I am in my Cleveland Indians outfit.  Thanks Aunt Diane!
16cryingshades.jpg (54284 bytes) 16heatherinboston.jpg (37868 bytes)
Here is my reaction when I found out these aren't Ray Bans Mommy and I are in Boston waiting for the parade of lights to begin
Bgroup.jpg (40596 bytes) Bpool.jpg (28923 bytes)
Here we are at my baptism! But I just had a bath yesterday...
Bpriesthand.jpg (27937 bytes) Bwater.jpg (42827 bytes)
Why the oil?   My skin is naturally soft and supple Can you please wash off the oil before I get acne?
Bcandle.jpg (32622 bytes) Bchanging.jpg (30327 bytes)
Wow, my uncle Rob really does own a suit.  Maybe its a rental Aunt Diane and I are performing our great levitation trick
Buswithpriest2.jpg (36920 bytes) Bdressoncouch.jpg (36538 bytes)
Thank you Father Marc! Damn I'm good looking.  Thanks Great Aunt Negrita for my beautiful Baptismal dress
Bburtonfamily.jpg (57630 bytes) Busoutside.jpg (52615 bytes)
I'm glad to have Aunt Diane and Uncle Rob as my Godparents I've had enough excitement for one day.  Time to sleep


Week 5 Weeks 6 to 9 Weeks 10 to 16

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